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"A 7 year old Filipino boy, who idolizes Superman, is determined to protect his little sister from the injustice that surrounds them. But he soon realizes it’s not as easy as he thinks."

SuperMaarko (social media version) garnered over a million views in two weeks and helped raise over a half million dollars for the company in five days.  

Winner, People's Voice - 2017 Webby Awards
Winner, Best Non-Profit Online Video - 2017 Internet Advertising Competition    
Nominee, Best Emerging Directors - 2017 One Screen/Show Awards
Nominee, Best Narrative - 2017 One Screen/Show Awards                                                                                    
Official Selection - 2017 Brand Film Festival                                                                                         

Produced by: International Justice Mission and Twintaoers
Creative Director: Vera Leung
Written and Directed by: twintaoers
Production Manager: Apet Nunez
Cinematography: Twintaoers
Edit: Winston Tao
Production Design/Art Direction: Twintaoers
Grip/PA: Paul Benzi Florendo
VFX: Andrew Finch
Sound Design: Winston Tao
Original Score: Fred Emory Smith
Color: Twintaoers
PA: Sweetiepie CasiñoSilos


Special thanks: Elaine Carriedo Lozano, Jeremy Snell, Keith Wilcox, Tim Kressin, Ashley Gutierrez, JR and the rest of the cast and crew in the Philippines.