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Before The Fall


A man reminisces about his relationship after it falls apart.


Cast: Lucas Kerr, Brooke Newton
Story/Script: Twintaoers
Directed by: Winston Titus Tao
Cinematography: Aaron John Tao
Produced by: New Film Generation, The Tao Brothers
Edit: Winston Titus Tao
Sound Design: Creative Audio Lab
Color: Twintaoers
Production Design: Theodore Wenger III
Score: Musicbed (Trillion by Generdyn)
Gaffer: Andrew Finch
1st AC: Zhihan Zhang
1st AC (additional): Brian White
Production Sound: Kyle Deshazzo


Special thanks: Ellie Tao, Matt Morales, Justis Kao, Laureen Alexa Trujillo, Tiffany Lynette Anderson, Joshua Weigel, Nicholas Weisnet, Brian White, Andrew Finch, Zhihan Zhang, Arjun Prakash

Official Selection, 2016 Source Creative Showcase