TwinTaoers (Aaron & Winston Tao) are an Asian-American multi-award winning filmmaking duo that pride themselves with their unique ability to create emotionally touching films through relationally authentic storytelling. By approaching each project they undertake with a cinematic eye and an acute attention to detail, the twin brothers strive to make every character and story relatable so audiences can connect with them worldwide. “Sleep Well, My Baby,” won silver at the Cannes YDA Awards for "Changing the world frame by frame," and was also shortlisted for "Best Short Film." It was awarded a Webby Honorable mention, Vimeo Staff Pick, and was distributed as the fourth installment of the FilmSupply Presents series. Their branded film, “SuperMaarko” won them a Webby Award for People’s Voice, as well as nominations for “Best Emerging Directors,” and “Best Narrative,” at the One Screen Film Festival. Their work has played at academy accredited festivals and have been official selections at Cannes Short Film Corner, Beijing International Film Festival, and Warsaw, as well as the DGA in LA. They have also secured distribution on various New Media platforms throughout Asia and America, and were featured in the 2016 Source Creative Presents Los Angeles Showcase. Their work has spanned both the international and domestic markets. TwinTaoers currently reside in Los Angeles.



  Cannes YDA Awards, "Sleep Well, My Baby", Changing the World Frame by Frame, 2018 Silver Award Winner
Cannes YDA Awards, "Sleep Well, My Baby", Best Short Film, 2018 Shortlist
Webby Awards, "Sleep Well, My Baby", 2018 Honorable Mention
Vimeo Staff Pick, "Sleep Well, My Baby," 2017                                    
Booooooom, "Sleep Well, My Baby," 2017 Feature                               
One Screen/Show Awards, "SuperMaarko," 2017 Best Emerging Directors Nominee
One Screen/Show Awards, "SuperMaarko," 2017 Best Narrative, Nominee              
 Webby Awards, "SuperMaarko", 2017 People's Voice, Winner
Webby Awards, "SuperMaarko," 2017 Best Film Social Activism, Nominee
Internet Advertising Competition, "SuperMaarko," 2017 Best Non-Profit Online Video, Winner                                              
Brand Film Festival, "SuperMaarko," 2017 Official Selection  
ADCAN Awards, "Home" 2017 Grand Prix, Shortlist
Source Creative Showcase, "Before the Fall." 2016 Official Selection
Cannes Short Film Corner, "Picture. Perfect." 2013 Official Selection
Beijing International Film Festival, "Picture. Perfect." 2013 Audience Award, Winner                                              
Warsaw International Film Festival, "Picture. Perfect." 2012, Best Short Film, Grand Prix Nominee                                                       
Heartland Film Festival, "Picture. Perfect." 2012 Official Selection                                          
Hawaii International Film Festival, "Picture. Perfect." 2012 Official Selection                                       
Durango Independent Film Festival, "Picture. Perfect." 2012 Jury Commendation Award, Winner                                                        
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, "Picture. Perfect." 2012 Official Selection                                          
Charleston International Film Festival, "Picture. Perfect." 2012 Official Selection